Prime Day

I sometimes feel like my apartment is some sort of deep space mission ship. I never get to leave, I’m all alone except for my computer and every now and then a “supply mission” arrives at my airlock. Or as you might call it, the front door. These supply missions vary. Occasionally it’s Hector from…… Continue reading Prime Day

A day in the life

Here’s the thing. I’ve been divorced now for just over a year and a half. I’m a woman in her mid thirties. I’ve never had any children and I do my darned best to keep in shape. Despite a very robust libido and writing a sex blog, my sex life has as much vitality as…… Continue reading A day in the life

Netflix and Chill

I suppose it was date number three for us. The first two went very well. I guess that’s why I let him earn a third. 2020 was keeping us at home (we’d met online) and this time we were over at his house. We ordered dinner and decided to “Netflix and Chill.” Since this was…… Continue reading Netflix and Chill

An Interview with The Lady Meredith

Several months ago I found myself being interviewed on Reddit by u/Jaeger. Here is a complete transcript of that interview. Special thanks to u/Jaeger for his kindness towards me:  Jaeger: So firstly on your blog, you’ve identified yourself, aren’t you worried about people knowing who you are and possible repercussions from other LDS and/or church…… Continue reading An Interview with The Lady Meredith

Let Me Be Free!

Tumblr is dead. That sucks. It’s where the majority of my readers came from. It puts the future of my blog in jeopardy. I have not known what to do with myself over the last several weeks. I hope that my blog can survive this change. I had a lot of mixed emotions. The first…… Continue reading Let Me Be Free!

The Joy of a Sunrise

I just finished writing a lengthy post about an experience I had when I was younger. When I finished it, I was unhappy with myself. I guess the experience was more negative than I remember. I don’t want to write about negative things. It was supposed to be about a time when I learned to…… Continue reading The Joy of a Sunrise

A Guide to Practical Sex Magic

Real Magic As we’re in this Halloween season and people talk freely of ghosts and magic I’d like to make a confession of my own. I believe in magic. Real magic of course. Carl Sagan, the famous scientist and educator, once famously said: “What an astonishing thing a book is. It’s a flat object made…… Continue reading A Guide to Practical Sex Magic

Would You Read Horror Erotica?

I have always delighted in scary and creepy things much to my husband’s delight. In fact, our first date ever was to a horror movie. I love the macabre and creepy. My husband used to work for a mortuary when we were first married and I’d make some extra money by helping him clean the…… Continue reading Would You Read Horror Erotica?