The Joy of a Sunrise

I just finished writing a lengthy post about an experience I had when I was younger. When I finished it, I was unhappy with myself. I guess the experience was more negative than I remember. I don’t want to write about negative things. It was supposed to be about a time when I learned to stop judging myself based on my appearance but it just came out angry.

Also, I’ve said before that a writer sees stories in everything they do. Maybe that’s what drives us to write in the first place. I’ve had a life full of experiences, but I don’t want to give off the impression that I’ve been privy to some sexual secret world. It’s all around you. Some people shut their eyes to it. Others are too busy to notice. And others exclude themselves from it. So in that spirit let me just tell you about the last time I had sex with my husband.

My husband and I are often on two different schedules. I’m a morning bird and he’s a night owl. I love to get it on first thing in the morning and he wants to burn the midnight oil as we make sweet love to each other. Many times he has difficulty . . . finishing in the morning. This caused some sexual friction for a few years in our marriage and not the good kind. Our asynchronous schedules led to sex occurring less often than we’d like. The best days where weekends and days he had off. Our true sex schedule is around noon. Perfect synchronicity. It just doesn’t happen a lot. Sometimes though it doesn’t really matter if it’s early morning or late night, you just want it. beach-beautiful-dawn-40192

Earlier this week, I wanted it. During the night I had one of my classic sexy dreams. It’s a true fantasy of mine:  Everyone else around me is clothed and that striking difference makes it exciting. No one remarks on my nudity or stares or makes inappropriate gestures or comments. I’m just naked and that’s the way it is. Usually, it’s at a dinner party but sometimes it’s at church. I guess that’s just my subconscious telling me what it wants. Phew! The thought gets me going even now. I woke up ready for action.

It was still dark out and my husband’s alarm would be going off soon. I reached out under the covers and could feel his warm body. That night, he was sleeping naked. I almost always do myself. My hand felt along his side. He was so warm. I moved slowly so as to not startle him awake. My hand found his stomach. It rose gently with each breath. I love how he’s covered in soft downy hair. It’s so masculine. I slowly moved my hand down his belly until I felt the tip of his penis. He was hard in his sleep, like usual. I love it. It’s always such a welcome thing to reach over and find his cock hard and ready.

I love to rub the pad of my thumb over the smooth head of his penis. A penis has such a unique smoothness to it that’s so foreign to me. After all my years, sex never loses its novelty. Each time I touch him, it’s like the first time. He looks at me the same way. He’s always happy to see me bare my breasts. No matter what. Even if he’s sick, he loves it. Boys love their boobies. Morning wood is the hardest kind. It’s so hard. So rigid. I’m already wet between my legs. My hand barely fits around his girth, but I love to slowly slide it down his shaft. It’s amazing that something like that can completely disappear inside of me and bring me such pleasure. His testicles are soft and loose from the heat under the covers.

His breathing has become quieter, so I know he’s awake. I go under the covers. When I was little, I used to hold the covers over my head and see how long I could last under them until I came up for breath. I’d sometimes pretend I was looking for buried treasure. I guess I still am looking for buried treasure, but the kind my little girl mind couldn’t have conceived of. It’s hot and stuffy under the covers but I bring my head to his awaiting cock anyway. My mouth is cool and I’m literally drooling for it. This is what I want. This is what I crave for right now.

I slide one hand down and cup his balls as I take him fully in my mouth. The contrast of heat and the coolness of my mouth is exhilarating. I begin with tiny flicks of my tongue against the bottom part of his head, then I bob my head up and down in tiny movements. Easing him more fully in my mouth each time. I hypnotize myself with the act of sucking him. I lose myself in each lick, with each gentle suck. I can hear him moaning with delight. What a good wake up call for him, eh?

He pulls the covers off my head and there’s a rush of cool air and once muffled sounds become clear. I can see his pulsing manhood now in the light of the clock beside our bed. I love its raw manliness. I need him inside me. And I need it now. I climb over him and straddle his hips. His cock nearly reaches my belly button on the outside. Someone will have to explain to me how that all works inside. I give his penis a two-handed pump, once and then twice. Then I lift my leg to climb on top, this time to put him inside me.

I can feel my wetness as I spread my legs apart to receive him. His penis is engorged and throbbing and so are my lips. I guide him gently to the right spot and then ever so slowly, I lower myself down on him. Nothing compares with that feeling. I’m hot and wet and willing for him and I feel him fill me entirely. I clench my vagina muscles to grasp tightly around him. Mmmmm. Yes!

I love riding him like this. I thrust up and down over his shaft. I am so wet! Everything becomes a slick blur down there as I work him harder and faster. My core muscles ache in protest but the pleasure keeps me going. A thin sheen of sweat covers my chest and breasts as I grind myself against my husband. I feel like a goddess at these times. Like he is worshiping my body with his. I place my hands on his hairy chest. My heavy breasts bounce together in the darkness. I can’t hold this position any longer and so I lean forward. This gives me a different angle and new pleasure as I grind my clit into him.

He takes my breasts in his hands and he gently holds them. He kisses them and takes the tip of each nipple in his mouth as I continue to hump him vigorously. My mind begins to swim in pleasure and I know that I’m going to come soon. That’s when he shifts position. He grabs my bottom and holds full cheek of mine in one of his hands. He seems to hold me in place as he now begins to pump me from underneath. It’s faster than I could move. More primal, with an urgency only he can muster.

My mind swims again I can feel my pleasure inside me like a cloud of warmth. Yes! Yes! Harder! Faster! Oh! Yes!

He thrusts awkwardly and I can feel him come inside me. His penis grows even larger and that’s when my climax comes as well. My legs quake and lose all their strength. All my pleasure is centered deep inside. I enjoy this moment. I take it in. I revel in my orgasm.

I’ve somehow come to lay on his chest now. He’s still inside me, thought shrinking fast. I climb off him and his semen comes gushing out of me. Most people are grossed out by that, but not me. It’s not just his semen, but my juices as well. It’s something new that we made together. He gets up to go to the bathroom and I clean up. I lie on the bed naked, sweaty, exhausted and raw. He comes back in and kisses me. A true lovers morning kiss. He cups a breast in his hand and says, “Good morning.”

Life is mostly dull and boring. You can waste it away waiting for large events, or enjoy each little one. Every sunrise is like a new lover, some prettier than others but each one rather beautiful in its own way. That day was a great sunrise.

By The Lady Meredith

Author and Advocate for a sex-positive lifestyle for all people.

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