I’m back

It was his hand. That first time in the meeting when it lingered just too long on mine as I handed him the computer mouse. His fingers brushing mine. It sent an electric shiver through me. Deep inside me. But that sort of thing just wasn’t proper. It was the kind of thing you were…… Continue reading I’m back

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The Photo Shoot

I am an exhibitionist. Always have been. I love displaying myself as much as I can. It’s just my particular brand of kink. I’ve written about it before in other posts. I like to compare sexual desire to fire. Not only because that’s what it feels like to me, but because of another reason. Fire…… Continue reading The Photo Shoot

The Tale of Chase and the Great Massage

Chase was like most men that he knew. He was married with children. He worked a job that he enjoyed but one that he’d never really aspired to. He fell into it. That’s the way Chase felt about most things in his life. He’d been born into his religion. He had been active in his…… Continue reading The Tale of Chase and the Great Massage