Happy Birthday, Meredith!

My husband is making me write this post. I didn’t want to. On October 16 this year I had another birthday. You may proceed to sing to me if you wish. Thank you. I usually wake up pretty early no matter what the day. I love to sleep naked and there’s that moment when you get out from under the warm covers and you feel your hot naked body all soft and cozy from a good night’s sleep. No matter what the temperature is outside of the bed it’s always cooler than under the sheets. Usually, my nipples instantly wrinkle up and protrude and I get goosebumps all over my body in response. 

This is true BTW

I’ll go to the bathroom and then just look for a moment in the mirror. First thing in the morning isn’t the most flattering time to look at myself. My hair is messy, my eyes are bleary. I’m in desperate need to brush my teeth. I survey my progressively aging body. As of this writing, I’m still in my 30’s, but I’ve officially tilted the scales towards my late 30’s. My husband says 36 still counts as mid-30’s, but he’s a year older than I am. He’s got gray in his hair and even his chest hairs are going gray. I don’t have any gray hairs but that’s because they perish at the hands of my hairdresser’s dye bottle. But as I look in the mirror on my 36th birthday, other things have changed.

My breasts have always been large, but now gravity has a greater influence on them. I put my hands on the bathroom counter and lean forward. They swing downward heavily. Sometimes my back hurts because of them. 36JJ is a big burden to carry. My stomach is flat-ish and it takes so much work to keep it that way. The bottom part is stretched out from carrying my three precious girls and my one wild and crazy boy. Between my legs is my shaved womanly bits.  I try to remember what it looked like before children, but I can’t. I just remember it used to be pretty.

My butt is still pretty good, but it’s a constant battle to keep it from getting too large. I can feel it wiggle when I walk. When I tell this to my husband he says to remember that guys also stare at it and my boobs all the time too. But today, I’m just not feeling it. There’s an older lady staring back at me in the mirror. She’s not old, but she’s not young and hot anymore either. She can’t go out a dress all sexy like she used to. She’s a mom and a wife. Surely not an object of desire. And today, she’s older.

It’s about this time that my husband will follow me to the bathroom. He sleeps naked too. This morning he’s sporting a fine example of morning wood. He snuggles up behind me and embraces me from behind. He kisses me on the neck and is the first to wish me a happy birthday. He’s managed to make what he calls the deluxe hot dog package. He’s buried his massively erect penis between my full butt cheeks to make what I suppose looks like a hotdog in a hotdog bun from his viewpoint. I can feel the faint drop of wetness from his precum on the tip of his penis. Before we go any further, we brush our teeth. We stare at each other as we do this, making awkward silly toothbrush faces. One hand brushes my teeth, the other holds firmly on to his penis. It’s warm and hard in my hand. I can’t put my whole hand around it. The softness of his scrotum presses against my fingers.

The toothbrush ritual ends and our freshly cleaned mouths kiss. The passion behind his kiss makes me catch my breath. My heart leaps in my chest. I can feel myself getting aroused. We move back into our bedroom. I know how I want my birthday to begin. I crawl across our bed on all fours. My heavy breasts I was just critiquing a few moments before dangle downward. My husband likes to see that. My butt is wide open to his view. I can feel my wetness between my legs. I assume the position. We call the position “all fours” because “doggy” just sounds stupid in my mind. The key to success is for the woman to put her head down on the bed so that your body makes a triangle. Many people who find this position uncomfortable, try and keep their backs straight. Nope. Won’t work. But I digress. . .

I lay there with my butt up fully exposed to the gaze of my husband. I love waiting there like that. A moment later. I felt the bed move and he knelt on it. One of his hands grabbed me around my waist softly and gently. The other he used to guide the tip of his hard penis between my waiting, dripping lips. I was wet and ready and he slid in with no difficulty. I could feel the full length of him enter me. In this position, it feels so deep. The first time he enters slowly, letting me stretch and accept him. He then uses his hands to massage my butt cheeks. Sometimes, he’ll press his thumb against my hole, or more if I want. But today I just wanted to feel him pound me.

Soon he was thrusting lustily inside me. I could feel my bum moving with his motion and his balls slapping against my clitoris. I was lost in the moment. Absorbed in the feeling. In those moments time doesn’t matter. We could pound for one minute or twenty. It makes no difference. But there’s a moment when I feel my husband’s already stiff manhood swell even more. I can feel him clench and then I feel it pulse inside me. Sometimes I can feel the spurts of his warm seed, most times I can’t. But I love how he grabs me and holds me tight as he spasms like he doesn’t want me to get away.

It was a good birthday morning. Despite getting older, I know that although I may not be an object of desire for everyone else like perhaps I used to be. To my husband and a select other few, I will be. Desire is a powerful thing. But it’s fleeting. It’s a tool. A tool to build a relationship with another person or people. Those are the things that really last.

I hope you enjoy this post and consider it and the rest of my blog a happy birthday present from me to you. Muah! Here’s to another trip around the sun.

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