Netflix and Chill

I suppose it was date number three for us. The first two went very well. I guess that’s why I let him earn a third. 2020 was keeping us at home (we’d met online) and this time we were over at his house.

We ordered dinner and decided to “Netflix and Chill.” Since this was date number three and everyone on the planet Earth knows what “netflix and chill” really means, I’d taken some extra steps in getting ready for this night’s date. I’d applied my razor to my long neglected legs. They now no longer felt like the back of a porcupine. I even trimmed . . . higher up if you know what I mean. I gave myself what I’ve heard people refer to as a “landing strip”. We’d see if flight control would be clearing him to land this evening.

I honestly don’t remember what we were watching. I was too nervous. We were sitting on the couch and I was to his left. I inched my leg closer and closer to his and I was trying to see if he was doing the same. It’s the tension of these types of moments that make them so exciting. Waiting for the other person to break the touch barrier. Eventually, our knees touched ever so slightly. I pressed my leg closer to his and now it was no longer deniable that we were touching each other.

Even though it was a date, I still was wearing my gray leggings and baggy sweater. Gotta be comfortable, am I right? He was wearing jeans and a nice button up shirt. He got all dressed up for me. It was cute. I ran my hand gently down my leg. It was an invitation. He didn’t take the bait. So I casually kept running my hand up and down my thigh, as though I were giving my thigh a massage. Each time I’d bring my hand closer and closer to his leg.

He finally took the invitation and reached over and very gently rested his hand on the inside of my knee. I felt an electric shimmer when he touched me. It had been awhile, let me tell you! I felt an aching beginning to swell in my clitoris and I knew that traffic control was definitatley giving him clearance to land!

He slowly slid his hand up my thigh. Higher and higher, ever so slightly. I could feel my face begin to flush and my heart was beating wildly. I wanted this. I needed this. I decided to return his touch and I put my hand on the inside of his thigh. We turned to look at each other and we mutually went in for the kiss.

It was gentle even though I could feel the heat in his mouth. He tasted good. Manly. His toungue flickered over mine and across my lips. He was a good kisser. The tv droned in the background, white noise to our building passion. As the kissing progressed, I moved my hand farther and farther up his thigh getting ever closer to where the goods lay. That’s when my fingers brushed lightly over the hard and stiff bulge in his pants. I pressed my hand down firmly on it. He felt solid, and thick. He kissed me harder.

We broke the kiss finally and he looked down at where my hand lay across his concealed erection. I gave it a soft rub. He looked at me with a hunger in his gaze and we were irrestiably drawn back together. He wasted no time in sliding his hand up across my stomach and up my sweater. His hands were cold but not unpleasantly. His hands found my breasts and he gave them a soft squeeze through my bra. Quite deftly, he drew his hand around my back and unhooked my bra. I’d never seen somebody do it so quickly and so smoothly. My bra slackened and gave him a space to touch my bare breasts. My nipple stiffened to his touch and he ran his thumb across it. Back and forth. Back and forth. My clitoris throbbed with each touch he gave me.

I reached over and I wish I could say that I undid his belt with the same skill that he did with my bra, but I would be lying. I fumbled with the buckle. My head was swimming with excitement. Eventually he had to help me undo it and I quickly undid his zipper. He wasn’t wearing any underwear to my surprise and I found myself staring at his thick penis faster than I had anticipated. I wanted it in my mouth. So that’s what I did.

I bent my head over his lap and eagerly took him in my mouth. He was so thick that it was a bit of a stretch for my jaw. He lay his head back on the couch and moaned little moans with the movement of my mouth. I flickered my tongue across the base of his head. I tasted precum, salty to the taste and this got me more and more excited.

I don’t really know what happened next but the next thing I remember is that my sweater was off and I was completely topless in front of him. The only thing I had on were my skin tight gray leggings. In a fun mood I lifted my right breast and brought the tip of my nipple directly to the tip of his penis. A little precum trailed behind as I took it away. I offered him my breast to his mouth and he eagerly took it. He knew what he was doing as his tounge made circles around my nipple, giving gentle sucks every so often.

I stood up directly in front of him and guided his hands to my hips where he began to pull them down very slowly. It was quite the tease. I was glad that I had performed some maintenance earlier because soon I was stepping out of my leggings and stood completely naked in front of him. I straddled him and began to unbutton his shirt. His chest was hairy. I love that in a guy and it drove me wild.

I was straddling him soon, he was still seated on the couch with his pants around his ankles and his shirt in a crumpled pile on the floor. I grabbed his throbbing penis and stroked it several times as I brough it closer to my wet and willing self. I rubbed the tip across my lips down there and over my clitoris. He felt so good.

He warned me that it had been awhile for him and he was worried that he’d finish too soon. I told him that this didn’t bother me and directed his penis inside of me. It took me a few tried until I was able to slide myself entirely over his enormous cock. When he entered a room, he really entered the room if you know what I’m saying.

We kissed more as I ground myself on top of him. Faster and faster, suddenly bringing it to a stop and then going more and more vigorously. Soon I felt him spasm as he came inside of me. Throb after throb. He groaned loudly with his passion. Seeing him come made me follow him. I wisphered his name in his ear and said, “Oh yes! Yes! I’m gonna come.” And I did. My orgasm was intense and I reached out and sunk my fingers into his downy chest hair.

I love the initial after moments of sex, the uphoria, the feeling of him still deep inside me. Eventually he pulled out and the largest amount of cum that I’ve ever seen came rushing out of m onto his leg. I congratuled him on such a tremendous load and we laughed together.

The rest of the night we spend cuddled together on the couch, naked beneath a blanket. Not bad for some Netflix and Chill, eh?

By The Lady Meredith

Author and Advocate for a sex-positive lifestyle for all people.

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