My Fantasy

I have really enjoyed writing this blog so far. I love seeing all you enjoy it as well. I’m always thinking of new ways that I can bring exciting content to you. So feel free to contact me and leave me feedback. Last night I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep. My…… Continue reading My Fantasy

Latter-Day Confessions Volume 2: The Dancer

My new story is up and running on Amazon. Check it out! I had a lot of fun writing this one and it was an exciting process for me. I believe that there is something powerful in a woman’s body and very little brings that out quite like the magic of dance.

Sneak Peek

I’ve decided to include a sneak peek from my upcoming story “The Dancer.” This is one of the first erotic scenes in the story. I hope you enjoy. A Scene From “The Dancer” I lay on the bed on my back, my mind in a blank grey wandering. I didn’t notice that I was stroking…… Continue reading Sneak Peek

Latter-Day Confessions: Sinful Shorts

Here is another publication, Latter-Day Confessions: Sinful Shorts. This is another side-series in conjunction with the larger Latter-Day Confessions Series. They’re shorter stories and they’re only $0.99. So for the price of an iTunes song you can have a sexy sensual experience. They’re also included if you have Kindle unlimited. I don’t get paid for…… Continue reading Latter-Day Confessions: Sinful Shorts

Coming Soon . . .

The piece that I’m currently working on is about an LDS wife who discovers the joy of her sexuality through dancing. Everything I write has a little autobiography in it. I suppose that’s why they say write what you know and I also actually do base my stories on real “confessions” that I’ve heard from…… Continue reading Coming Soon . . .


Welcome to my blog! A wise man named Jackie Treehorn once said, “The mind is the largest erogenous zone” and I believe that to be true. As a woman, I enjoy seeing sexy people as much as the next person, but when something engages my imagination the power is magnified many times. I love to…… Continue reading Welcome