Oh Brother!

Author’s Note: This was one of my very first tries at written erotica. I can see that I’ve learned a lot. But still, reading this story makes me hot. Yes, I do get turned on by my own writing. It’s mental masturbation I suppose. 

I have always looked up to my brother in law as, well, a brother. I respect him greatly and he takes really good care of my sister. I’ve had a major crush on him since they got married. I guess I was only 17 at the time anyway. I’ll visit them from time to time and because I have to sleep over at their house when I visit it always makes for a good time.

I’ve tried to be flirty with him, but he either ignores me, sees me as a little sister, or has a really good poker face. My sister and I look very different but we’re both very busty. On my last visit, I made sure to go braless one evening. It was no big deal for my sister, but the real reason was to try and attract HIS attention. I think it worked because he kept stealing glances at my free titties. The glances made my nipple erect which of course only made him stare more often. I also felt a surge of tingling inside me every time he slyly stared at me.

I thought that would be the end of it, but fortunately, it wasn’t. I usually sleep in their guest room, but that night I had a bit of insomnia. I was sitting in their living room in my pajamas on my phone in the dark. It was late, around 2 am. I heard their bedroom door open upstairs and someone coming down them. It was my brother in law and he was completely naked.

I guess he sleeps naked. I was shocked. He didn’t know I was on the couch in the dark and I think he was half asleep. I had no idea he was packing such heat. My sister was indeed a lucky woman. The light of their microwave was really bright in the darkness and I could make out his full, thick cock. He must have been half hard in his sleep or something. His balls hung low and swung with his step. He was nicely trimmed and I instantly felt my vag swell in excitement.

He walked over to the fridge and opened the door. I could make out his nice naked body quite clearly now. He still didn’t know that I was there in the darkness, but there would be no denying that I was seeing everything that was going on. He took out a drink from the fridge, took a few gulps and put it back. I caught the full glimpse of his manhood in the light of the fridge. It was glorious. His full head bobbing at the end of his rope-like dick made me salivate. My mouth wasn’t the only thing getting wetter either.

He shut the fridge door and went back upstairs to his room. He never saw me. I was so lucky! Well, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I slipped off my pajama pants and started to masturbate vigorously in the dark. I popped one of my massive tits out of my shirt and started massaging it as I rubbed. I closed my eyes and imagined that huge cock I’d just seen thrusting in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

In my ecstasy, I cracked open my eyes to see my brother in law standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at what I was doing! I nearly jumped through the roof! His penis was hard as a rock now a stood out from his body a good 8 inches. I wasn’t sure what to do. I continued rubbing myself. He slowly walked over, his dick waggling comically as he did so. He stood over me stroking himself. I spread my legs and he knelt down. I couldn’t believe that this was happening.

I was expecting him to enter my wide open pussy but he didn’t. He rubbed his smooth penis head over my erect clit. All he had to do was slide it down a few inches and he’d be in me but he didn’t. His self-control was as massive as his prick. I much preferred by pearl to be polished by his head than my hand so I let him. Soon after, I felt his hot sperm shooting all over my pubes and stomach. He managed to hit my belly button from where he was. I too had my orgasm. I tried desperately not to scream. I think I was successful.

Without saying a word, he gently caressed by bared breast and went back upstairs. In the morning, we gave each other a knowing smile and that was all. I can’t wait for my next visit!

I think I’ve come a long way since this story. What do you think?

By The Lady Meredith

Author and Advocate for a sex-positive lifestyle for all people.


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