Halloween Treat

Halloween has come and gone and now we’re all stuck with a load of candy. My kids cleaned up this year. My most favorite candies are peanut butter cups. I’m a sucker for them. I steal them from my kids and hide them. I really love them once they’ve been in the freezer. I’ll even take them and mix them with any ice cream I can find. I realize they make peanut butter cup ice cream. And I’d just add more peanut butter cups to them.

I had a nice stash stored away in the freezer this past week. My husband sometimes has to work late and when he does, I usually read or write for my blog. 🙂 A couple of days ago I was feeling deliciously naughty and I wanted to surprise my husband. I planned it all out and when I heard that garage door open I sprang into action. I was in our bedroom in my bathrobe, fresh from my evening shower. I threw off the warm robe and took out the peanut butter cups. They were still mostly frozen from being in the freezer. I opened them and quickly unwrapped them. It was a race against time. I heard him come in. The kids were in bed and the house was quiet to he knew I was in our bedroom. Sometimes he comes directly to me, other times he putters around first. He puttered. That’s what I wanted.bite-candy-chocolate-37831

I had three peanut butter cups ready to go. I flopped down naked on our bed. My breasts wobbled violently with the motion. I took one of the candies and placed it directly over my nipple. My nipple was already hard and the areola was rippled from the cold of the candy but I balanced one on top of my heaving breast. Then, I carefully did it to the other. I crossed my legs and placed on directly over my freshly shaved parts. It was deliciously cold. My nipples and my slit were now covered as I lay on my back. Now, all I needed to do was wait.

The cold was thrilling and my heart was beating fast from my rushed movements and excitement. My nipples were raging hard and I could feel myself starting to get wet from excitement. The candies started to warm up and I knew the chocolate would start to melt on my skin soon. It felt like hours, but it was only a few minutes until my husband came in. He clearly wasn’t expecting me to be laying there waiting for him.

“Hi honey,” I said, “I appear to have dropped some candy on myself. Can you help me?” I couldn’t stifle the laughter that came out of me. He also laughed.

“Oh no!” he played along, “you have made quite the mess.” He climbed on the bed and hovered over me. There are few things I like more than when I’m completely naked and my husband is completely clothed. The difference is exciting to me and I felt a thrill surge through my body. He reached out to pluck one from off my nipples.

“No hands,” I said. He smiled and leaned in closer. His tongue licked the soft curvature of my breast all the way to where the peanut butter cup sat perched on top. His warm tongue sent goosebumps shivering all across my skin. He lifted the cup with his tongue, caressing my erect nipple with a deftness that showed me for the millionth time that he knew how to properly use his mouth to pleasure me. He took the candy in his mouth and came up to kiss me. His mouth was cold and mine was warm. He tasted like peanut butter and chocolate. It was delicious. He repeated this again on the other nipple. I arched my back in pleasure and let out a small moan.

Some chocolate had melted there and so he licked and licked again my nipple, taking it all into his mouth and giving it a gentle suck. I laughed and gasped at the same time. I was wet and ready for him by now. I was glad he was taking his time. He pushed my breasts together and took turns kissing each nipple and buried his face in my cleavage. He said I smelt clean, like the soft floral soap I used.

He kissed me in a trail from between my breasts, down my torso to my belly button where he flicked his tongue in it. He knows I love that. I was writhing in pleasure by now. He grabbed my hips with his hands and prepared for the final candy. Instead of eating it, he bit it and carried it to me and gave it to my mouth from his. I ate it greedily. I could taste that some of my wetness had managed to get on the candy. It was delicious.

He went down again and spread my legs. I closed my eyes and focused on the feeling. My clit was hard and waiting for him and he flicked his tongue over it quickly, occasionally stopping to suck on it. He licked my labia and was careful to be gentle and not scratch me with his rough stubble on his face. I’m not sure what he did next, the sensations blended together. My vagina was alive and electric. I grabbed his hair and pushed his face into me. I ground myself against his mouth, humping his face. I moaned and ground. He licked and ate. The sounds he made were delicious.

He came up for air and kissed me on my mouth. His face was slick with my wetness. I love being able to taste myself from his lips. We kissed each other hungrily. He tasted like chocolate peanut butter pussy. I reached down and felt his hardness through his pants. I wanted him then. He hurried and took off his pants and in one smooth movement, his hardness was inside me. I was wet and gaping and took him in with hardly any resistance. He pounded me there with his shirt still on. I grabbed his sleeves and tugged on his shirt. I felt his soft balls slap against me vigorously, his thick shaft a wet hardness inside me, constantly thrusting.

I arched my back and came just then, my legs began shaking and he kept going. Soon, he spasmed too and I was so alive down there that I could feel the hot spurts enter me and fill me up. We kissed each other with him still inside me. The afterglow of our orgasm, the scent of peanut butter cups still in the air.

I was at church yesterday and someone opened up a peanut butter cup. The smell thrilled me and instantly aroused me. It’s wonderful being triggered by candy. 😉

Latter-Day Confessions Volume 2: The Dancer

PDF download of Latter-Day Confessions Volume 2: The Dancer.


By The Lady Meredith

Author and Advocate for a sex-positive lifestyle for all people.

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