How To Have Better Sex Instantly

The date had been planned for weeks. There wouldn’t be anything special about the events of the evening. Instead, the expectation lay in how we were going to go about the evening. It was going to be a naughty one. We had booked a babysitter for the children. My husband got reservations for our favorite restaurant, an Indian restaurant we hardly got to visit anymore. Since the children had come along, our usual fare was chicken nuggets and any place that served pizza on its menu. I was looking forward to getting some spice back on my palette, and not just from the food.

I went to my favorite lingerie shop. It’s a wonderful little place on Main Street in Salt Lake City. Blink and you’ll miss it. But the ladies there know me very well by now and always help me find the best things. I had bought a beautiful black corset that I was planning on wearing not just with an outfit for that evening, but AS my outfit. Of course, I would wear a skirt and these beautiful black laced stockings with my favorite black heels. I would be a study in black. I’d even purchased a dark lipstick.

That evening as my husband was picking up the babysitter, I looked at myself in the mirror. The sight of myself was arousing if I do say so myself. I was going to knock my husband dead. I had laced the corset up tightly. My breasts are 36GG and this was making them even more visible than usual. I made sure I was presentable but my breasts looked like two setting moons. They were full and round and creamy pale white. My large areolas were barely covered, but that was the point. I had a little black jacket that covered my arms and the rest of me was just exactly as I planned. I was wearing no underwear and the thought of there being only a thin layer of fabric stretched tightly over my body was exciting to me.

I put on a larger overcoat. To keep myself concealed from the babysitter and my husband. I wanted him to wait to see. I’d kept my outfit a secret from him and I knew he was dying with anticipation. We left and drove a long way to the restaurant. We waited with the weekend crowds and I was beginning to sweat under the coat. It was just a little too warm for it, but it was serving a concealing purpose right now. We were finally shown to our table and I unbuttoned my coat. When I took it off, the rush of cool air prickled my skin that had been starting to sweat. I could feel my exposed cleavage take what felt like a deep breath of fresh air. My husband oogled at me. My breasts were barely in there. Just as I wanted it.

We sat and had a delicious dinner. My corset had slipped and now the top rims of my light pink areolas were starting to show. The poor waiters nearly spilled all the food. Men were staring from across the restaurant. Women were scowling. It was great. We had a great rest of the evening. We played like we were newly married. We hugged and kissed. We held each other and talking about things that weren’t our children or work or church. We rocked out in the car to old albums we played while dating. And we even made out in the car. It was wonderful.

When we got home to relieve the babysitter, my husband took her home and I stripped down to just my stockings and heels and sat on the living room couch, waiting for my husband to come home. The children were fast asleep in their rooms. He soon returned and came into the living room to see me there. I slowly spread my legs, giving him quite the wide-open view. My vagina was wet and my lips already swelling. He came over to the couch and sat by my side. He gently grabbed my full breasts and we kissed. We kissed for what seemed like hours. We slowly went upstairs. This would be the payoff. The sweet sweet lovemaking that we’d teased all night.

He lay me down on the bed. I spread my legs for him again. His manhood was hard and full and ready for me. He entered me and I could feel every inch slide in. It was wonderful. He began a slow and gentle thrust. Then another. The third time felt glorious. And then . . . he came. He spasmed and I felt him come inside me. It was a big load. He moaned and groaned. It was over. He pulled out and his jizz slipped out of me and down my butt crack. I hurried up and went off to the bathroom to clean myself off. When I came back a few minutes later, my husband was curled up asleep.

I was heartbroken. Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to cry. My perfect evening had fallen flat. Our wonderful romantic evening had fizzled. Well for me. My husband was happy as a clam. Asleep in ecstasy. I was standing there naked, in crumpled stockings, with cold jizz trickling down my leg. I turned off the lights. Stripped off my stockings and climbed into bed. My pillow was watered with my tears that night.

That is a common problem fellas. Men are biologically driven to perform differently with sex. Sex has a simple purpose. To make a baby. It requires a man to come for that to happen. It does not require a woman to do the same. So nature has made it as easy as possible for a man to “blow is wad” as it were. I’ve had many men who couldn’t quite stand the ardor of our lovemaking as long as they would have liked. I’ve gotten surprise eruptions in my hands, on my breasts, on my legs, on my face, as they were trying to put it in me, and of course after 3 or 4 pumps. And even in their pants as we bumped and ground on the dance floor. It happens.

For many guys, it’s a legitimate problem and it causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety don’t really help solve the problem, they only make it worse. How many of you are come-too-quicklys? Any time you come before you’d like to, that counts as coming too quickly.

It’s a problem for us ladies too. Some studies have shown that women take 15 minutes to reach enough arousal to have an orgasm. 15 minutes! That’s a lot of work right there. Many men get the idea that the bigger their penis is and the harder they pump the more pleasure they will give us. But it doesn’t work that way. I have had four beautiful children pass through my vagina. The tiny fraction of difference in your girth isn’t going to make a difference to me. I’ve seen long dicks and short ones, skinny ones and fat ones. Bent ones and straight ones. The size is virtually irrelevant unless we’re talking really small or really big. Like abnormally big. But most men have very similar penis sizes when erect. Most women find pleasure in the diversity of other areas of your bodies. And my most erotic moments have been with the tenderness my lovers have treated me.

So how do you get better at sex? We’ve talked about how to have more sex, but now let’s talk about how to have better sex. And it only takes one easy step.

Step 1:

Put your lover’s orgasm before your own. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t get to get your rocks off. Off your rocks shall come! Mutual orgasms are very important. But you, as a dude need to make sure that your partner comes too. Especially if you spill your baby gravy too quickly.beach-bikini-body-351127


Later on, hubby and I were getting hot and heavy while on vacation in California. We had a condo that faced the ocean and the sun had just set. There was a big fake fur rug on the floor and we were laying naked on it. As we made love, my husband came quickly. After 4 or 5 thrusts. He didn’t apologize, but instead of rolling over and calling the deed done. He stayed in me as long as possible. He kissed and massaged my breasts. When he did pull out he put his fingers in and since everything was slippery with his cum it made for a wild adventure. He found my g spot and teased my clitoris. He pulled the “Adele” (See Tip #3). And my legs were soon shaking wildly with pleasure. I came two or three times. By then, he was hard again and ready to go. It was marvelous.

Since then, my husband always makes sure our lovemaking ends with my orgasms too. If I want it to. Sometimes I don’t, my husband listens to me and is a considerate lover, always willing to give me what I need.

So you want to get instantly better at sex? Do this one trick. Make sure it’s not all about you. That’s what your “special alone time” is for. Speaking of special alone time, you can wank it to my stories. Here, here, here, here too and of course you can order them on Amazon or down below. If story-wanking it is not your style, remember that women respond very positively to written erotica. It wakes our sexy brains up. Have a horny day!

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By The Lady Meredith

Author and Advocate for a sex-positive lifestyle for all people.


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